Fashion design is my profession and I can offer you a full service from an hour based service to full collection design.

_Apparel Design
_Fashion Illustration
_Technical Sketches
_Colour & Material Definition
_Fitting & Finalisation

Graphic design is my passion and goes hand in hand with fashion, but can also walk on it's own.

_Placed Prints
_All Over Prints
_Technical Artworks & Illustration
_Print Detail Definition
_Web design

Product design is a side project of mine. I have expertise in fashion related products and I'm interested in collaborations in this field.

_Accessories like Backpacks, Bags, Gloves etc.
_Technical Sketches, Artworks & Illustrations
_Colour & Material Definition

I'm available for freelance work.
Tell me about your project or collaboration!

Contact me:

Phone:    +49.(0)171.8025267
Studio:   Kressenstrasse 1
          90408 Nürnberg - Germany