Johannes Martin / Designer
Hi, I'm a bavarian based designer wandering through the fields of fashion, graphic and product design.
Let me tell you where this journey began.

It was back in 2002 when I finished my A-level specialized in arts. At that time I was thinking about studying graphic design. But just having finished school I didn't have my portfolio ready in hand to apply for, so I thought studying architecture in the meantime is a great idea as it is an awesome design discipline. During the first year I discovered that it's indeed an awesome design discipline in general but also found the technical aspect takes a way too big part of the whole thing. So I decided to stick to my original idea of becoming a designer rather than an engineer.

I was looking for a way to combine the best of both disciplines.

And found the solution in fashion design. A perfect discipline to combine graphics within three-dimensional and tactile design.

I decided to move to Munich to study fashion design men's and women's wear at AMD "Akademie Mode und Design" where I graduated in 2008 with the collection "The Things You Own End Up Owning You!" which was named the best graduate collection of my year. It was also shortlisted at the "Bavarian State Award for Young Designer" and displayed in the Bavarian State Museum. After a assistance at HAMANSUTRA and 3 month as freelancer in Hong Kong I started as designer and developer at CUBE. In 2010 I moved to Berlin for a year working at TIEDEKEN and NORDENFEDT before I moved back to Nuremberg in 2011 to start at ADIDAS ORIGINALS.

While working on different parts of the global inline collection at Originals like the Archive Pack and Denim I established the fast response program called ,Capsule Collections' from scratch with a huge success.

In 2016 I found it was time to move on and start my own work as a freelancer.

But if I'm not at my studio...
I love jumping out of planes for some in air gymnastics or if I'm in a more relaxed mood just paragliding through the sky.

I'm available for freelance work. If you are interested to work, collaborate or jump out of a plane with me, have a look at my portfolio, my service & contact page or drop me a line straight away!

Contact me:

Phone:  +49.(0)171.8025267
Studio: Kressenstrasse 1
        90408 Nürnberg - Germany